Divorce, Separation, and Nullity

From divorce to legal separation to nullity, a variety of options are available for spouses who desire to part ways. Regardless of your intended separation approach, it is in your best interest to seek representation from a trustworthy family attorney such as Raed “Ron” Nijmeddin.

Tackling the Divorce Process With a Trusted Fresno Attorney

Divorce is, by nature, painful, but some of the burden can be eased with the help of the right attorney. Raed “Ron” J. Nijmeddin is willing to assist with a variety of common divorce issues, including division of property, child custody, visitation, and support. Whether a client’s preferred approach involves agreement or litigation, Raed “Ron” J. Nijmeddin can expedite the process while addressing the divorcing spouses’ many concerns.

Legal Separation: A Precursor or Alternative to Divorce

Typically, legal separation serves a specific purpose.  For some couples, it may prove beneficial to remain legally separated for some time before pursuing a full dissolution of marriage. This setup may be chosen in order to satisfy religious requirements or to retain access to benefits, such as health insurance. No matter the reason for the separation, you can count on Raed “Ron” J. Nijmeddin to guide you through this complicated process.

Nullity: Was the Marriage Valid

In select situations, it may be possible for separating spouses to void their marriage instead of filing for divorce by filing for an annulment. Often referred to as nullity, this alternative to divorce is allowed if one of the legal requirements to do so is present, such as force, incapacity, fraud, a prior existing marriage, or a lack of consent for those under the legal age for marriage.

Addressing Divorce, Separation and Nullity Concerns With Mr. Nijmeddin

Whether you are interested in pursuing divorce, legal separation, or nullity it is in your best interest to be guided and assisted by competent counsel, such as with the Law Offices of Raed “Ron” J. Nijmeddin.  In the midst of the painful separation or divorce process, you can at least take solace in knowing that your complex case is being handled by one of Fresno’s most respected family law attorneys.

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