Marital Agreements

Ending a marriage is one of the most difficult decisions many people will ever make. Along with the emotional impact, there are financial and living considerations. A marital agreement (whether prenuptial, post nuptial, or at divorce) outlines the conditions of a divorce, such as who gets the properties the couple owned, and financial arrangements, such as spousal or child support, or an equalization payment. The marital settlement agreement is a definitive legally binding contract that can prevent future arguments over possessions or properties, and it ensures both parties get their fair share by agreement instead of litigation.  Agreements are usually less costly than litigation.

Working Out a Marital Settlement Agreement

Although couples get divorced every day, it is still the desire of many divorcing couples to keep the details of their separations private, less traumatic, and less costly. One way to increase the privacy of your divorce is to work out your marital agreement through the Law Offices of Raed “Ron” J. Nijmeddin instead of involving the courts. This process gives both parties the opportunity to express their desires for certain possessions or a financial settlement and gives both parties the chance to determine their destiny in the divorce without unfair expectations or sacrifices, or battling every issue in court.

An attorney aids you in major ways during the negotiation process. You will have someone to argue for you and your desires during the process — someone who understands the ins and outs of negotiation and who can ensure you do not give away more than you have to or compromise on things that may come back to haunt you once the marriage agreement has been completed. Another major way an attorney helps you in negotiation of an agreement is by serving as a sounding board and a knowledgeable resource to advise you. Your attorney understands the legalities of divorce and can let you know if you are asking for far too much or if you should be getting more than you are requesting.

Prenuptial Agreements

While people do not usually marry to divorce, they may decide to prepare a legally binding contract with their future spouse as to their legal rights should a divorce become necessary.  This occurs prior to the marriage and is called a prenuptial agreement.  Some people find that preparing such a contract while they are in agreement is much easier than attempting to obtain an agreement while they are divorcing.    A prenuptial agreement may reduce the costs of litigation at divorce and is becoming the advisable way to enter into a marriage with legal rights and responsibilities set from the beginning.

Post nuptial Agreements

Post nuptial agreements are entered into after marriage, but before contemplation of divorce.  This allows the parties to enter a legally binding contract that works very much like a prenuptial agreement.

Marital Agreement Attorney in Fresno

Based in Fresno, Mr. Nijmeddin provides marriage settlement agreement counsel to those in Fresno and Madera Counties. With years of experience, he can help you go through your family finances, including property and possessions, so you can get an accurate estimation of how much you can expect to get in a settlement. The Law Offices of Raed “Ron” J. Nijmeddin focus on family law to provide the best legal representation possible to those going through family legal disputes, including divorce. If you want to ensure the proper settlement in your divorce, contact Mr. Nijmeddin today.

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